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Running Accessories and Injury Gear


The mere mention of an injury is enough to send a shiver down the spine of any runner. Tell them they have to rest and you might as well have announced Armageddon is coming as to many it feels like the end of the world.

While injury can’t be 100% avoided, it should be remembered that it’s not just down to the physical side of things but there are elements that you can control, such as your running kit, which all play their part in helping reduce the risk of injury. Little things like not maintaining your running gear or checking the wear of your running shoes can lead to injury if not taken care of properly.

For runners of all abilities and experiences it’s a golden age to live in what with the abundance of running technology and advancements at your disposal. From the smallest details to create lighter running fabrics to carbon plates in running shoes – there’s something for everyone.


Running Vests

No we’re not talking about the cotton vests you were made to wear during school PE lessons but rather running hydration vests that help keep you fueled on the move and on those longer runs. Pack them with food, drink or even weights for extra resistance and away you go. 


Running Headbands

Caps, visors, headbands – they’re not just for fashion but have a very practical side to aid your running depending on the conditions. 


Running Shorts

Unless you’re a professional then very few of us can get away with wearing tighty, short shorts and there’s a reason these belong on the athletics track. For the average runner then you have a multitude of running short choices that include those with zip pockets, compression shorts, 2 in 1 shorts and trail running shorts. Each have their pro’s and con’s but comfort is king in whatever shorts you’re wearing and the best running gear will also not restrict your range of movements. Serious thought needs to be taken as to the conditions you’re running in, the duration of your run and the type of terrain you’re running on.


Running Leggings

As with running shorts, comfort and range of movement are the key aspects here as you don’t want them baggy and flapping in the wind but rather figure hugging and close to the skin. Don’t think of running leggings as just a winter staple though as they’re also ideal for any chilly days, early morning and late night runs to help keep your muscles warm and reduce any injury risk. The right pair will hardly feel like you’re wearing any running leggings but bring plenty of benefits.


LED Running Accessories

Be seen, be safe. The reality is that we’re not always going to be out running in beautiful, sunny weather during daylight hours. Often we’re out running before or after work and fitting in unsociable hours to fit around family life. It can be a dark and lonely running journey a lot of the time which is why it’s even more important to be safe wherever you are, road or off-road running. High visibility clothing is one option but to really be seen then it’s worth investing in some simple LED accessories such as a head torch, chest running light and even running shoe lights. They don’t have to cost a fortune and have been designed to not weigh you down or distract you from your running, simply to make you safer and seen.


Running Gloves

There’s nothing wrong with wearing gloves as it’s our extremities (fingers, toes and head) which extract the most body heat. We’re not talking big, bulky mittens here but rather a thin, light pair that can easily be packed in your shorts once you’ve warmed up or easily slipped on should the temperature drop. Anyone who’s felt cold hands on their run will testify as to what a miserable feeling and so while gloves won’t necessarily prevent any injuries, then can make any run that little bit more enjoyable.


Running Phone Holders

We all have a mobile phone these days and for many runners it’s an essential bit of kit, be it to track their progress, use for an emergency or to listen to motivation music along the way. Choosing the right running phone holder will depend on a variety of factors, most significantly the type and size of phone you have and many runners will opt for a arm holder but it’s really down to preference and what’s most comfortable for you. Just remember that it’s there as a training and safety aid so don’t be make it an unsafe distraction that you are unaware of your surrounding and other people.