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Summer, the running season we all look forward as it means minimum layers of clothing and we all feel that little bit more energized and motivated to go out and put the miles in. The long winter nights and chilling temperatures are a thing of the past, well at least for a few months, and we can run with a smile on our faces rather than through gritted teeth. While it may seem like less running kit and clothing is needed for your summer runs, we’ve put together a short list of running essentials to help you on your journey this season.

Running Shoes

The obvious bit of kit for any running but having racked up the winter miles are you feet in need of a new pair? You might be trying out different terrains such as off-road or heading back onto road running and with more running races on the horizon then you’ll need time to break in any new running shoes. Take time to choose the correct pair that suits your running style, and don’t just be swayed by the aesthetics. Picking the right pair is often like a marathon, not a sprint, but we can help you get to that finish line.

Running Vests

You know it’s summer when you can ditch the long sleeve shirt and base layers and slip on a running vest. Whether it’s for training or in a race, feel the sun on your arms and the breeze as you glide along. They won’t necessarily make you any faster but they’ll help you keep your cool.

Running Shorts

Some people wear running shorts all year, and there’s a name for people like this, but for most runners summer means it’s time to ditch the legging and pull on the running shorts. These can actually come in a variety of lengths, from short shorts, to more knee length ones and everything in between. They usually come with a lining to protect your sensitive areas a drawstring or elasticated cord to keep them in place. We’re also particular fans of ones with rear pockets to you can put your key securely inside or maybe some emergency contact details.


Not just for fashion but to keep the sun out of your eyes while running along. Not for everyone as it’s a comfort thing but if you’re in a race they can help hide the pain you’re feeling and disguise your race face. Sunglasses are a very personal thing as they can take some getting used to when running in as they need to be secure as you run along.


To wear socks or not to is a runners personal choice and it can depend on a variety of factors, such as weather, type of running shoes and terrain. It can take a bit of trial and error to find your favourite pair as some like them short (ankle), others high (calf), but the most important thing is comfort. If you’re running long distance then it’s worth investing in a pair of anti-blister or marathon socks to help reduce any irritations.


Along with sunglasses, a hat or visor can help keep the sun out your eyes as well as protecting your head from the sun so you don’t overheat. They’re lightweight and ventilated design is also great for helping you cool down when water is poured over them. They may take a little getting used to if not worn before but the pros definitely outweigh the cons

Water Bottles

If you’re out training then you won’t have the luxury of a drinks station like in a race so you have to be self-sufficient. Experienced runners can run long without the need for carrying water but it’s not to be advised and so it’s worth practicing running with a small bottle or even hydration backpack or you’re going to be out for hours. If you have an old drinks bottle then you may want to leave it somewhere hidden on your running route so you can grab it on the way if you prefer not to carry it while running.

Energy Bars

If good old fashioned H20 isn’t enough then you can always pack some energy gels / bars for your run. Store them in your fuel belt, bag or even running shorts for convenient consumption on the move. There’s a huge variety of these products available so finding what works best for your body can take a bit of testing. Our recommendation is to never be too far from a public convenience or at least carry some toilet paper in case the worst should happen. On a positive though these products can get you out of a sticky energy problem and help get you to the finish, home, car but just don’t reply on them to get you running faster.

Fuel Belt / Hydration Bag

If you’re running for a long distance or time then it’s worth considering some sort of kit bag to look after items such as water, energy gels, and a phone. It’s not for everyone and takes a little practice getting used to running with but these are popular particularly for off-road running where you further away from amenities and more self-sufficient. Camelbak are the industry leaders when it comes to hydration packs and can store several litres of liquid for life on the move.

Emergency Contact

Whether you’re running with minimum kit or got yourself a full hydration pack and enough nutrition to feed an army, you should always have emergency contact details on you. This could include an ID wristband, medical card in your shorts or even a phone. Just because you feel fit and healthy when you leave home, things can change very quickly and it’s best to be safe.

So there you have it and that’s all the basics we’d consider for any summer running. Have we forgotten anything and do you have any recommendations of what to wear and bring along?