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Distance your aiming for?

The next target distance I'm aiming for is the marathon distance. I should have ran one already but Covid put a stop to that, so that means it will be a 2022 date.......... hopefully.

PB for preferred distance?

My preferred distance has to be 10k. 5k can be a little bit short so it can feel like it's over before it has started and the half marathon can be a long ol slog. 10k is just right in my eyes and my PB currently stands at 48.28. Looking to get closer to the sub 45 minute mark by the end of 2022.

Previous shoe worn?

My previous pair of trainers are the Asics Cumulus 22. Such an awesome pair of trainers! Right out of the box they were perfectly cushioned and were true to size. In the first week of having them I managed to get a PB in a 5k time trial, a 10k time trial and half marathon time trial.

What do you look for in a pair of running shoes?

I prefer a pair of trainers to have a good amount cushioning. The more cushioning there is the faster I go. And of course they have to look good too.

Running inspiration?

The running community! Seeing everyone doing their thing makes me want to get out there and run.

True to size?

The sizing is pretty good. The toe box is wider and a bit more spacious than I would like but that makes no difference to comfort when I ran in them.

What distance did you run in them?

I took them on a 5k run, a 6 mile run and 10k time trial. The 5k and 6 Mile run were OK, but to my suprise I ran a 48.30 10k time trail. This is only 2 seconds away from my PB. I didn't think this was a shoe that was going to get me anywhere near a PB! But it did!

How did the shoe feel during your run?

The combination of the Flyte Foam, the Gel and Flyte Foam Blast is amazing. I think what makes it so nice is the Gel, with it being sandwiched between the foam it aids shock absorbion and gives a decent amount of energy return and it feels so soft when I run, it also it helps protect my knees and ankles because of the shock absorbion.

Favourite feature?

I really liked the Flyte foam, Gel and Flyte Foam blast combination. I also liked the Dynamic DuoMax support system. These two combinations just made the trainers so comfortable.

What was your overall opinion of the shoe?

Overall the Asics Kayano 28 is a really nice comfortable trainer with good stability. You will not be disappointed if decide to buy.