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Distance your aiming for?

Right now, I am aiming to get back to running everything from 5k to half marathon. I like getting out for an hour or two for some peace and quiet, and to experience the buzz of a great run. And I'm actually contemplating some triathlons this year!

PB for preferred distance?

5k = 21:31, 10k = 44:00, 10mi = 1:18:51, Half = 144:49

Previous shoe worn?

Various - I've never been especially brand loyal. But I've run lots in Nike Air Zoom Structure Triax, New Balance 1260, and ASICS GEL-1140. My most recent shoes are a pair of Columbia Conspiracy. More like hiking shoes, but they're solid for off-road stuff, and they keep water out, so they're ace for wet grass.

What do you look for in a pair of running shoes?

The less I have to think about them, the better. So if my toenails and legs come away happy, then I'm happy. It helps if they look snazzy, but it's not vital. I think these Pegs look pretty good :-)

Running inspiration?

Probably my dad - even though he started running after me. He's 75, and still knocking out five milers. And he tells literally everyone he meets about my website :-)

Out of the box comfort

Really nice to put on. The uppers are pretty soft, so they feel as comfy as socks. And there's a good bit of squish under the heel, so they feel like they protect me from my heel-striking!

True to size?

No issues with these at all. Salomons are the only shoes I've tried so far that come up tight. The Pegs were lovely.

What distance did you run in them?

So far I've done a couple of five mile runs to test them out, but looking forward to doing more.

How did the shoe feel during your run?

With any new shoe, the first mile of my first run felt a bit self-conscious - but after that, they just felt like magic boots, and I felt very relaxed. On my second run, it piddled down the whole time, so I did miss the Goretex in my old shoes, but aside from that, I'd choose these any day.

Favourite feature?

The slight feeling of sponginess under the heels was a real reminder that proper running shoes really can help you with the impact of running.

Favourite running track?

It changes all the time, but it's currently 'Am Ende' by OK KID. It's from the FIFA soundtrack, which my son plays a lot - and thinking of him whilst I run always makes me smile. Other favourites include 'Heads Will Roll' by the Yeah Yeah Yeah's, and the absolute classic 'Incredible' by M Beat featuring General Levy. Booyakasha :-)

What was your overall opinion of the shoe?

I think I'm in love. Having just come back from a hamstring tweak, my first run back was in these - and they looked after me very well. I came home grinning like a loon. Probably not all down to the shoes, but I'm more than willing to give them the credit.